5 Steps To Take After A Vandal Breaks Your Window

Coming home to find a broken window caused by vandalism is a scary feeling. Even if no one broke into your home, the act of vandalism itself can feel quite violating, and your broken window can leave your home vulnerable to further crime as well as to the elements. It's important to take control of the situation and act quickly when a window is broken by a vandal. Here are five steps to take after a vandal breaks your window: Read More 

Updating Your Bathroom Space? Three Cases Where Frameless Shower Doors Work Well

If you're giving your bathroom a makeover, why not consider having frameless glass shower doors installed? They give a sleek, clean look to your personal space and can even make your bathroom seem larger. You'll find a helpful description of these shower doors below, as well as three places they really help improve one of the most important, and well used, rooms in your home. Frameless Glass Shower Doors Defined Read More 

How To Use Rubbing Compound To Remove Acid Rain Spots

Those water spots on your car's windows can be more than just an annoyance. Not only can they make your vehicle look less attractive, but they can also interfere with your line of sight. However, most conventional methods of window cleaning barely scratch the surface when it comes to removing water spots left behind by acid rain. Fortunately, there's an effective method you can use to remove water spots from your windshield and other vehicle glass. Read More 

Chip off the Ol’ Glass: Repairing Your Chipped, Cracked Windshield before It Gets Worse

Driving places your vehicle under a great deal of unavoidable stress over time, which may cause it to need repairs and replacements. From replacing tires and changing the oil to installing new wiper blades, these tasks are necessary for your vehicle's performance, value, and safety. Considering your windshield is an imperative part of driving in a safe manner, placing importance on this piece of glass is also necessary. Although common, minor chips and cracks in your windshield can become serious issues without proper care. Read More 

How To Choose The Perfect Custom Glass Shower Door For Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the most popular areas of the house to upgrade, and people especially adore beautiful showers with glass doors. When choosing your glass shower door, there are many options, so it can become overwhelming fast. If you are interested in getting a glass shower door, check out these three steps to help you pick the perfect one to truly complement your bathroom. Determine if Functionality Is More Important Than Style Read More