How To Choose The Perfect Custom Glass Shower Door For Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the most popular areas of the house to upgrade, and people especially adore beautiful showers with glass doors. When choosing your glass shower door, there are many options, so it can become overwhelming fast. If you are interested in getting a glass shower door, check out these three steps to help you pick the perfect one to truly complement your bathroom.

Determine if Functionality Is More Important Than Style

The two types of glass shower doors are sliding and pivoting. The majority of sliding glass doors have a metal frame made from silver, dark bronze, brushed nickel or chrome. The frames are surrounded by rubber, and because they slide within a track, the doors create a better seal, allowing less water to escape the shower. On the downside, these sliding doors are less attractive than pivoting doors, and they are harder to clean because you'll have to clean within the narrow tracks. Failure to keep the metal and track clean can lead to rust, and it may even affect how well the door slides.

Although some pivoting glass shower doors have frames, the modern style of frameless pivoting glass shower doors is a popular option for trendy bathrooms. However, while they do look great, they offer less functionality than framed sliding doors. Because they don't have frames, they don't have that same strip of metal around them. This leaves a gap around the door, which allows water to escape from the shower and pool onto the bathroom floor. Keeping the frameless pivoting glass shower door clean, however, is much easier because there are no tracks to clean. Simply wash the glass to eliminate soap scum and water.

Figure Out How Important Privacy Is

There are many different styles of glass from which you can choose, including clear, tinted, frosted, obscured, etc. The most stylish glass option is clear because it creates the illusion of a larger shower and can even make your bathroom look bigger. Unfortunately, a clear shower door offers absolutely no privacy in case someone enters the bathroom while you are in the shower.

If you want a little more privacy but still desire the look of clear glass, consider a tinted glass. It can provide minor privacy without sacrificing too much style. A unique option is to get glass with a design to help block some of the view while creating a glamorous appearance. If you want the most privacy possible, choose frosted glass or obscure.

Consider the Size of Your Bathroom

Sometimes, what you want doesn't mesh well with what you already have. Just because you desire a big, clear glass, frameless pivoting shower door, it doesn't mean your bathroom is big enough for one. Whether framed or frameless, pivoting shower doors require more space to open, so if you install one in a tiny bathroom, it can actually affect the appearance of your bathroom in a negative way.

For smaller bathrooms, it's better to stick with sliding glass shower doors because they require no space. An attractive sliding shower door can do a lot more for your small bathroom than an obtrusive pivoting one. Of course, it's your bathroom, so install whichever shower door you desire, but if you are thinking of selling your house, an awkward pivoting shower door in a small bathroom could actually lower the resale value.

While frameless pivoting shower doors are the most coveted, they aren't perfect for every bathroom. When choosing your glass shower door, make sure you pick one that meshes well with your bathroom. As long as the shower door suits your bathroom, it doesn't matter if it's sliding or pivoting. You can find a glamorous glass door for your shower. For more information about glass shower doors, you can check it out at this website, or contact a local custom glass or bathroom remodeling company.