4 Tips to Choose the Best Windows to Protect Against Storms

As storm season arrives, you want to make sure that your home is protected from the worst damage. Installing the right windows and doors to protect your home will help keep you safe and reduce the damage that storms cause. The following renovations with windows and doors will help make your home safe during storms and more energy efficient:

1. Vinyl Replacements with Impact-Resistant Glass

Vinyl windows can be the most affordable and durable solution when having new windows installed in your home. Today, vinyl replacement windows are a good choice to improve the energy efficiency and appearance of your home. In addition, you may want to talk with the window installation service about using hurricane or impact resistant replacement windows.

2. Glass Repairs and Films to Prevent Energy Loss and Make Them Shatter Resistant

Older windows may have thin glass that needs to be repaired or replaced. Talk with a window repair service about fixing the glass or replacing it with modern energy-efficient materials. In addition, you can talk to them about using glass films if you do not replace glass, which will improve energy efficiency and make windows shatter resistant to protect your home during storms.

3. Shutters to Protect Windows During Storms and Make Your Home Energy Efficient

One of the best ways to protect your home during storms is to have functional shutters installed. They can be shut to board up your home when you know severe weather is coming. In addition, there are also roller shutters that can be used daily to improve energy efficiency and protect your home during severe weather. The roller shutters can easily be operated from the interior of your home.

4. Adding Storm Windows or Screens to Improve the Safety of Your Home During Severe Weather

Another solution to protect your home during severe weather is to install storm windows. These are special impact-resistant windows that are installed on the exterior of your home and protect the existing units. Storm windows and screens are an affordable solution to protect your home from damage during high winds and flying debris. Install storm windows on the openings of your home that are most vulnerable to damage during severe weather.

The right window and door renovations will provide your home with more protection during the storm season. Contact a window installation service to start updating your windows to protect your home before the next storm hits.