3 Tips For Cleaning Your Glass Water Pipe

If you have recently started using a glass water pipe to smoke, you may wonder about the best way to clean it without introducing toxic chemicals or risking breaking the material. If so, use the following tips while cleaning your glass water pipe.

1.  Use an Alcohol-Soaked Cotton Swab to Remove Residue

Whenever you smoke with your glass pipe, a sticky residue can build up on the surface, especially in the nooks and crannies. However, you do not want to scrape or apply pressure to remove the residue, since either of these actions could damage the glass or break the pipe.

Instead, soak a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol, and apply the liquid to the area. Allow it to work for a couple of minutes to break up the tar, then use the swab to gently wipe the surface.

2.  Clean the Pipe with a Salt and Alcohol Mixture

Once you have removed as much of the residue as possible, it is time to clean the entire interior of your glass pipe. Instead of using a chemical cleaner, you can use a mixture made from salt and alcohol. When these ingredients react, they break up any dirt or remaining residue so that it can be rinsed away without rubbing.

To clean the pipe, first, pour a small amount of salt into the tube. Then, follow with enough alcohol to fill the pipe. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes to give the ingredients time to fully react to one another.

3.  Rinse with Clean Warm Water

Once you are done using the mixture above to clean the pipe, do not pour it out. Instead, rinse the cleaner away with clean, warm water so that it flushes away not only the ingredients but the dirt and residue as well.

When rinsing the pipe, make sure that you do not use hot water. Since the glass will probably be cool, the sudden introduction of high heat may crack or even shatter the pipe. Using water that is slightly above room temperature should be enough to thoroughly rinse the pipe.

Flush the pipe until the water runs clear. Then, let the pipe air dry before using it again.

Using the above tips while cleaning your pipe can help ensure that it preserves the flavor of what you are smoking, as well as prevent cracking or scratching of the glass. For more information, speak with a representative with the store from which you purchased your glass water pipe.