3 Types Of Decorative Window Film For Your Office Space

If your office space is full of big, picture windows, and you want something that is a little more visually interesting, you can change things up with decorative window film. There are lots of different types of decorative window film that you can use to spruce up and change the appearance of your office, such as gradient decorative film, textured window film, and frosted window film. 

#1 Gradient Decorative Window Film

Gradient decorative window film is applied to your window and creates a fading effect. The top of the film is clear and transparent. Then, as you make your way down the window film, the window gradually becomes opaque.

Gradient window film is great if you want to be able to see into your conference room, but you don't want to see all the tables and chairs. You can choose the type of gradient pattern that you want, from lines to dots to more of a cloud-like effect.

#2 Textured Window Film

If you have flat windows in your office space, you can give your windows more texture and depth with textured window film. Textured window film allows you the feeling of textured glass without having to pay to upgrade.

Textured glass provides you with more privacy while still allowing light in. You can also choose different colors for your textured window film, allowing you to apply a textured window film with a green or blue tint, for example, to your office windows. This is a great way to add some privacy and color to your office.

#3 Frosted Window Film

Frosted window film is another way to add a little privacy to your office space. If you have lots of windows that face out towards the street, and you would like a little more privacy in your office, frosted window film is a great way to go. Frosted window film can make your space feel a little more cozy.

You can even get creative with frosted glass that has a design on it. You could put your name or logo on the window film, allowing some clear spaces on the windows to shine through.

You can also choose different frost tones. You could go with more of a white-frosted film, a grey-frosted film, or an almost black-frosted look. The darker the frost, the less light will be let into your space.

If your office space has a lot of windows, and you want to change up the appearance of your office, an easy way to do so is by adding decorative window film to your office windows. You can achieve a frosted window look, a textured window look, or a graduated look by having a commercial window film company apply window film to change the look of your office. For more information, talk to a company like American  Glass Tint Inc.