A Simple Residential Window Guide

If you have the same mindset as most other homeowners do, then there is a very good chance that you give little thought to your windows beyond cleaning them when they look dirty. However, the more you learn about residential glass, the better off you can find yourself in many ways. Here is a simple guide on residential glass to help you out:

You can have special windows installed to help winterize your home.

When most people think of winterizing their home they think of making sure the weatherstripping is in good condition, having their HVAC system maintained, insulating the attic, etc. However, the type of windows you have in your home can also be important. Having your current single-pane windows removed and putting in dual-pane ones can help keep heat in the home. Not only does each window consist of two sheets of glass, but there is also a space between the glass that contains air which acts as extra insulation.

Shatterproof glass can be purchased for homes.

When you think of shatterproof glass, you may think that it is only available for businesses, especially those that deal with expensive items or many cash transactions on a daily basis. However, you can also have shatterproof glass installed in your home. This added expense may not be worth it for some homeowners. However, those who live in rougher areas or who live on a golf course where there is a good chance of golf balls flying through their windows may find it to be a great option for them. You can have shatterproof glass put in the windows most at risk,or even all of them if you want.

You can change the look of your windows.

You may not realize that you do have some options available to you when it comes to how your windows look. You don't have to have the traditional clear windows in your home. You can have a company like Economy Glass Inc put tinting on the windows that are specific shades of colors or that look like mirrors. This helps add privacy and helps keep the home cooler in summer months. You can even go with stained glass windows for your doors or other areas where you want to have a more decorative window. Or, etched glass can be installed to add a bit of extra flair to the look of your home's exterior.