3 Things You Need To Start A Mirror Installation Business

A mirror plays an important role in ensuring that your house remains positive. Feng Shui can tell you where to place mirrors to bring in positive energy. However, they are more than a symbol of peace but serves a function in most homes.

You have heard the saying "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime". It is the same when thinking of career path. Mirror installation is a craft that most people can learn and a way to feed your family. Read on to find three things you need to start a mirror installation business:

Get A Vehicle With A Glass Rack

You are going to need a truck or van to get your company off the ground. A company vehicle allows you to drive to job sites. You will also need a basic glass rack for van or a truck. A glass rack allows you to make pickups and to carry the mirrors on your vehicle. It gives you a safe way of transporting the mirrors without breaking them. Your customers are not going to be happy if their mirrors arrive broken.

Be Skilled At Cutting Glass

Your company can benefit from you knowing how to cut glass. This skill allows you to offer more services. For example, a customer may want you to custom cut a mirror. You can buy an uncut mirror glass from the hardware store. Knowing how to cut glass allows you to design and shape the mirror to fit your project. You can also save money by repurposing an existing mirror.

This skill prevents you from having to drive around to get a custom cut for every job. If you do not know how to cut glass, then you need to hire an assistant who can cut glass.

Must Have A Few Tools On Hand

It helps to have some tools for installing mirrors. If you are just starting out, then you should at least have the basics. These tools should include a stud finder, cordless drill and drivers, a lever and diagonal pliers. The type of tools you need will depend on the job. You can also rent tools from hardware stores.  

Mirrors are part of our daily lives. People use them to see how their clothes fit or how they look. The mirror business is one that has been around for years. If you have the things mentioned in this article, then you can get started building a reputation for your company.

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