Work Towards Offering A Handicap Accessible Vacation Rental With A New Shower Door

Running a vacation rental is something that you may love doing because of all the interesting people that you get to meet that come from different places around the world. You may have made improvements over time to increase your daily rate and to accommodate more people. If you plan on continuing these upgrades, you should consider handicap accessibility.

Adding a new shower door will allow you to make sure it accommodates handicapped guests.

Provide a Walk-In Area

Trying to step into a bath and shower combo is not an easy thing to do when you are handicapped. A person could easily get injured if they attempted to take a shower without help. Also, it can become an inconvenience to need help with showering while on vacation.

If you already have a walk-in shower, but one that requires you to step in, you will want to either get a new shower door that does not add elevation or remodel the shower space. This will still require that you replace the shower door when you change the measurements of the area.

Get a Sliding Door

It is not always easy to pick a shower door because there are so many types to choose from. Going with a standard swinging door is an option that will replicate the other doors in the home. The main issue is that it will likely be a heavy door with strong sealing to keep water inside. This can make it difficult for a handicapped person to open the door, so a sliding glass door is ideal.

Invest in Thick Glass

When investing in handicap improvements, you should consider adding a seating area within the shower. Also, you cannot go wrong with handles on the shower walls for support. This will minimize the chance that someone slips and falls while taking a shower in your vacation rental. It is worth investing in thick glass as this will prevent the glass from breaking in this situation.

A strong shower door may be exactly what is needed when someone is about to fall. If the glass were to shatter immediately, the person falling would hit the ground with broken glass. But, a person may get enough support from a thick door to avoid falling and get up without injury.

Investing in a new shower door is a great way to start increasing handicap accessibility in your vacation rental, which will eventually get to the point where you can list it as an amenity. Visit a site like for more help.