Three Auto Windshield Mistakes To Avoid Before A Road Trip

Getting ready for a summer road trip means packing your bags and ensuring your car is in top running condition. One thing you don't want to overlook is your car's windshield. Damaged glass can pose a major hazard, especially after long hours of driving or on unfamiliar roads. The following are a few things to avoid when it comes to your windshield.

#1: Using the old wipers

The wipers that have been on your car since last winter can harm more than help, especially when combined with the road dust from a long trip. Rough edges and trapped dirt scrape across the windshield, which leaves behind scratches. Another concern is an old wiper breaking when you need it most but are driving in the middle of nowhere. Putting on new wipers is an inexpensive solution that can prevent a major inconvenience and safety hazard later. You may even want to invest in an extra pair so you can have replacements on hand in the event something happens to the current wipers.

#2: Ignoring small dings

Those small dings and chips in your glass may not seem like a big deal now, but they are likely to expand into large cracks on your road trip. A combination of road vibrations, temperature changes, and pressure changes as you travel through different elevation zones can cause the chips to form cracks. This means you may end up having to find a place for a new windshield in an unfamiliar city. A better option is to have the chips filled and repaired before you leave. Most small chips can be fixed so you don't need a new windshield. Your car will also be safer since the integrity of the glass will be maintained.

#3: Not refilling the fluid

The window washer fluid is more than a convenience, it is also an important safety tool. Clear visibility is a must when you are driving. On a summer road trip, you are likely to encounter bugs, pollen, and other things that will soil the window and make it hard to see. You also need the fluid to protect the glass. The window needs to be wet each time you turn on the wipers, otherwise road dust is scraped across it and scratches will appear on the glass. Make sure the fluid tank is completely filled and that the spray nozzles are operating properly before you leave.

If you need to repair or replace your windshield, contact a glass company like Gordon's Glass Co in your area before your trip.