Tips For Avoiding Unnecessary Damage To Your Car’s Windshield

If you recently purchased a new car and want to do everything you can to avoid chipping or cracking its windshield, then you will be pleased to discover there are many proactive actions you can take to keep your vehicle's windshield damage-free. While you can never completely eliminate the possibility of your car's windshield becoming damaged while you are out driving around, following these tips will greatly reduce the probability:

Tip: Avoid Following Too Close Behind Any Vehicle

The absolute best thing you can do to avoid unnecessary damage to your new car's windshield is to allow plenty of room between your vehicle and other vehicles on the highway. In addition, the larger the vehicle that is in front of you, then the farther behind it that you should follow. For example, if you are following a passenger car, then a few car lengths is sufficient. However, if you are following behind a semi truck, then you should leave many times that distance between you.

Tip: Avoid Following Trucks with Multiple Tires on Their Back Axles or Damaged Mud Flaps

Since trucks that have multiple tires on their back axles are more likely to fling up rocks from the roadway, you should avoid driving behind these vehicles when possible. For example, if you are driving on a multiple-lane highway, then you should change lanes to keep from having to follow behind a truck.

You should also avoid driving behind trucks with damaged mud flaps or other visible body damage. If their mud flap or a piece of their truck were to fall off while driving in front of you, then the rubber or metal objects could strike your windshield and severely damage it. 

Tip: Avoid Driving or Parking Your Vehicle Outside During Major Storms

If you live in an area that is prone to very strong storms or large-diameter hail, then you should make every effort to avoid driving your vehicle during these times because hail, falling tree limbs, and flying trash will damage your car's windshield.

Tip: Park Your Vehicle Indoors or in Safe Spaces When Possible

Finally, one other proactive way to protect your new car's windshield is to pay close attention about where you park your vehicle. For example, if you have the option of parking indoors, then this is always the best bet. However, if you must park outdoors or on the street, take care to avoid parking near construction sites or children's playgrounds. 

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