Attractive Ideas For Your Modern Style Bathroom

When you think of modern style, you may think all hard corners and gleaming materials. In fact, the modern style is characterized by clean lines and clear geometry. However, you can utilize this in a modern bathroom and still make it charming. Design a contemporary bathroom with beauty to complement your aesthetic ideals.

Modern Palette

The foundation of your décor style is typically the color scheme. When it comes to the modern palette, you have two options. One, you could go bold. Start with a black and white base, and add pops of bright color. The other option is the direct opposite – do different shades of a single chic color, such as gray or taupe. If you want a warm feel to your contemporary bathroom, consider the latter. However, the bold palette offers more visual interest.

Floating Vanity

The modern style often carries a feeling of minimalism. You don't have to make cutbacks in amenities to achieve this. Instead, clear up visual space with floating vanities. These are attached directly to the wall, so the space typically occupied with legs is free. To further promote the modern ideal, choose a sink with clear geometry. For example, you could have a porcelain oval sink affixed to your wall with the faucet mounted above. The effect is a graceful set of curves that add beauty to your minimalist space.

Standalone Bathtub

In that vein, a standalone bathtub is another method for promoting the clear geometry characteristic of modernity. While standalone tubs come in different styles, you could choose one with a crisp shape. For instance, Better Homes and Gardens describes a freestanding bathtub in a clear rectangle. The tub is placed so the natural sunlight bounces off the porcelain, adding an attractive visual effect. The site further recommends combining the bathtub with other geometric items, such as a spherical pendant light.

Glass Shower Enclosure

Light is your bathroom's friend when it comes to promoting beauty within the modern aesthetic. That makes glass a natural for your shower enclosure. In fact, the benefits of a glass shower enclosure are two-fold. First of all, the glass reflects light back into the space, thus giving your bathroom a light and airy ambiance. Secondly, clear glass offers no visual impediment – your eyes see right through. This means your shower keeps the floor plan open. Consider a customized glass enclosure for your shower so it fits perfectly in your space.

Utilize the beauty of modern style to create an attractive master bathroom. To learn more, contact a company like Enterprise Glass Co Inc